1. A few weeks ago, I was stressed about counting macros. It drove me up a wall and I wasn’t see a thing happening. Out of frustration and desperation, I decided to seek some help. I left an ask in TheFameOfHealthAndFitness's tumblr, asking if she counted because she has had success and she's definitely doing something right. While I don't compare to her, I wondered if she counted because if she could, so can I.

    Her reply wasn’t what I was expecting. She recommended Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet book. I waited a day before I snapped it up on Amazon (a day too much, I think). After I received the book, I dropped counting.

    I quickly adapted some of the Clean Eating principles. I no longer eat white bread, rice, sugar, etc. I switched to brown, choose sprouted grain bread and use raw sugar (for now). I hope to drop sugar all together soon. I have also instilled the complex carb/protein combo for every meal. I also began adding flax to my oats. The oats are also a big deal because I went from eating oatmeal once a week every two weeks, to eating oats every day.

    After instilling this lifestyle, I’ve lost 2.5 pounds and a few inches in about two weeks. That is a reasonable loss that i’m happy with because the scale and tape has only been shooting upwards until now.

    I have been struggling quite a bit lately, especially with treats and temptations. I know I’m allowed a treat now and then but I seem to be treating myself too often.

    I decided to begin one of Tosca’s other food plans tomorrow, to help speed up my weight loss. I will begin her Cooler 1 plan. I think i’m doing it for a week but if it all goes well, I’ll add another week. I want to keep everyone posted on how it’s going.

    I really want progress and I feel Eating Clean is something I can do for life.

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